Beaches in Kioni

The beaches in Kioni are located among the traditional homes of the small picturesque village of northern Ithaca. The small port is expanding to the south and the concrete path which leads to the edge of the village, will take you to the beaches in Kioni. Cobblestone stairs lead the visitors to the sea.

They are all pebbled and the water at the Kioni beaches is turquoise. Just above the beach, the colorful and nicely built houses give a magical feeling to the landscape and dazzles the swimmers… As all the small beaches in Kioni are directly accessible from the village on foot, families with young children prefer them for swimming, as they come to the sea two or three times a day!

The first beach in Kioni is very small, so small in fact, that when the sea rises a little, the beach disappears! The villagers, however, take special care of the beach and they have built, specifically for this reason, a stone terrace that welcomes the visitors. As it is located somehow inside a niche of rock, it has ample shade for everyone.

The last in the row is the longest beach in Kioni and is full of dense vegetation with trees coming down to the sea. Next to it is a small anchorage for fishing boats.

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