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All beaches on Ithaca share a common trait: their blue, crystal clear waters! You will not find one beach that will disapoint you in that aspect. Now, apart from the famous Platia Ammos with the white sand, that lies in the bay of Afales, the deep bay of northern Ithaca, almost all the other beaches are covered with pebbles.

Filiatro is the most crowded beach on the island, so crowded in fact, that if you come here in August, it is possible that you will not find an inch of a free space to lay your towel. Almost as crowded are the beaches of Stavros, Kourvoulia (all three beaches), Aspros Gialos, Ai Giannis, Lefki. At the beaches of Loutsa and Dexa, that are located at a walking distance from Vathi, you will find kids of all ages, as well as at the beaches of Kioni, for the same reasons.

Now, if what you need is peace of mind and isolation, you have come to the right place: innumerable beaches, where you can relax in peace, while, if you visit them any other time except August, it is possible that you will find yourself alone, enjoying your own private beach!

Try Kaminia, Mirtera, the beaches of the Afales Bay, Alikes, Pera Pigadi and many more, that are only accessible by boat.

  • Ammoudaki

    The Ammoudaki beach in Ithaca is located beneath the village Lefki and to reach it you need to follow a short path.

  • Sand of Maria

    Sand of Maria - one of the best kept "secrets" of Ithaca, revealed only to those who are willing to seek and find...

  • Filiatro

    Filiatro is the most crowded and cosmopolitan beach of Ithaca, with blue water and white pebbles, ideal for swimming.

  • Tsitsimida

    Tsitsimida - beach in Kioni of Ithaca.

  • Skinos

    Skinos is the bay to the east of Ithaca, with the homonymous beach. It is surrounded by pine trees and the scenery is breathtaking.

  • Sarakiniko

    Sarakiniko is a bay in southern Ithaca, which has two pebbled beaches with crystal clear waters.

  • Poli

    Poli beach is located in northern Ithaca and takes its name from the ancient city that according to the legend is submerged in the waters of the bay.

  • Platia Ammos

    Platia Ammos is one of the most spectacular beaches of Ithaca, with clear blue waters and white, fine sand.

  • Plakoutses

    Plakoutses is a beach in Kioni of Ithaca, quiet and isolated, with blue waters and trees that come down to the sea.

  • Piso Aetos

    The beach of Piso Aetos in Ithaca is located right next to the port and is pebbled, with crystal clear waters.

  • Pera Pigadi

    Pera Pigadi is the beach in the southeast of Ithaca and to get here you have to follow a path for about 40 minutes.

  • Beaches in Kioni

    The beaches in Kioni of northern Ithaca are small, pebbled and preferred by the locals.

  • Mirtera

    Mirtera - beach of northern Ithaca, quiet and isolated and located next to the famous Aspros Gialos (Ai Giannis).

  • Mprosta Aetos

    Mprosta Aetos is a beach in the south of Ithaca, close enough to the island's capital, Vathi.

  • Mnimata

    Mnimata is one of the closest beaches to Vathi with pebbles, lush vegetation and crystal clear waters.

  • Marmakas

    Marmakas is the beach next to Frikes that got its name from the white pebbles at the bottom of the sea, that shine as if they are made ​​of marble.

  • Loutsa

    The beach of Loutsa is the closest beach to Vathi, easily accessible.

  • Kourvoulia

    Kourvoulia - three pebbled beaches on the road to Kioni from Frikes, in northern Ithaca.

  • Kaminia

    Kaminia is a beach in southeastern Ithaca, ideal for relaxation and spending a day on the beach, under the hot summer sun.

  • Dexa

    Dexa is one of the closest beaches to Vathi of Ithaca and offers access for the disabled.

  • Gidaki

    Gidaki is considered by many people the best beach in Ithaca, with turquoise waters and a beautiful landscape!

  • Afales

    Afales - beaches in northern Ithaca with pebbles, rocks, turquoise waters and lush vegetation.

  • Aspros Gialos – Ai Giannis

    Aspros Gialos or Ai Giannis is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ithaca, with white pebbles and crystal clear waters.

  • Antri

    Antri is the southernmost bay of Ithaca, accessible only by boat. The landscape is steep and provides a sense of wild beauty to the deserted beach.

  • Alikes

    Alikes is a pebbled beach in northern Ithaca, close to Frikes.

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