Filiatro is the most crowded and cosmopolitan beach of Ithaca. It is located in the southern part of the island and you can reach it by car from Vathi, the capital of Ithaca, within 15 minutes. The road is narrow and needs attention, while the parking area of the beach sometimes is not enough for the visitors and you might need to leave your car far away.

The beach is pebbled and the water in Filiatro is amazing: transparent, turquoise and clear all year round, even when the beach is packed and there is no room for another towel! The bay of Filiatro is narrow and long and is ideal for endless swimming: you can discover the adjacent beaches of the bay – a very small, almost “private” one to the right and an equally large with Filiatro to the left.

Filiatro is an organized beach with umbrellas and sun beds for hire, covering half of its length. In this region, the pebbles of the beach are big and as you move to the other end, they get smaller until they become sand in a small section at the end. In Filiatro there is also a beach bar that organizes beach parties for great fun!

Behind the beach Filiatro there is a small grove, with trees that create an extremely cool and pleasant shade. Many choose the spot to set up their tent and spend their holidays here, even though camping is officially prohibited.


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