The harbor in Kioni

The most picturesque village of Ithaca has a small harbor. The harbor in Kioni primarily serves boats and touristic boats, that go on daily cruises from the surrounding islands to Ithaca – and a stop at Kioni is mandatory.

The harbor in Kioni is located in the village, very close to the restaurants and the tourist accommodations. There, you will also find a mini -market with all the necessities, a playground and small shops with souvenirs, handmade beautiful jewelry and objects.

Moving through the streets of the village, near the harbor in Kioni, you will reach the beaches of the village. Small, pebbled, with stairs that lead to the water, you can take a dip in the blue waters and enjoy yourselves! Many boats tie up here and especially during the summer the masts of the sailing boats compose an interesting part of the landscape.

If the scene seems familiar, it is because the harbor of Kioni was used in many Greek movies!

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