The harbor at Vathi

The harbor at Vathi, Ithaca is considered one of the safest natural harbors in Greece. It is located in the center of a very closed bay, which is “closed” by the highest mountain in Ithaca, the Mount Nirito. It serves the boat connection of Ithaca with Patra or Killini.

The pier of the harbor at Vathi is very close to the main square and the surrounding narrow streets that make up the market center of Ithaca. Tourist accommodations and services are available here and easily accessible. The beach restaurants are right next to the harbor and you can very easily reach them by foot.

The small islet of Lazaretto, which previously was used as a quarantine station, is located in the middle of the harbor at Vathi. The landscape is picturesque, with the red roofs of the houses standing out amidst the lush nature that comes all the way down to the sea.

Today, the harbor at Vathi has regular ferry connections. In the summer it is filled with boats, sailboats and cruisers from all over the world, which find refuge here and enjoy the natural picturesque beauty of Vathi.

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