Loutsa beach, located at the edge of the port of Ithaca. It is a clearly defined small bay with a sandy beach and shallow waters. Due to its proximity to the city of Vathi, the beach is ideal for families with young children, as well as older ones, who can come to Loutsa riding their bikes.

The waters of Loutsa are blue and crystal clear. Although it is located at the entrance of the bay of Vathi, you can swim in safety, as there are buoys providing the required special signing. The olive trees of the plain come down, almost reaching the sand, while the two edges of the beach have cemented piers that facilitate access.

Loutsa is always crowded in the summer mornings, as there are many reasons for choosing the beach. Many come here on foot, combining swimming with walking along the beautiful promenade of Ithaca.

The beach of Loutsa is partially organized, with only a few sun beds and umbrellas to rent. There is also a canteen that provides you with all the necessities.

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