The Park of Stavros

In the central square of the northern village of Ithaca, just across from the church of the village, dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Savior, you find the small park of Stavros. Tall trees, groomed paths, flower beds and benches facing the beach of Poli, are ideal for relaxation and rest.

The archaeological character of the park is what makes it special. A walk in the park will introduce you to the main parts of Homer’s Ithaca, the Mycenaean kingdom of Odysseus.

•The Bust of Odysseus: at the center of the park of Stavros stands the imposing bust of Odysseus, who proudly observes everything around.

• The two maps: Observe carefully the two big, embossed maps at the edge of the park of Stavros, displaying the wanderings of the Homeric hero, as well as the archaeological sites in Ithaca.

• The architectural reproduction of the Palace: Do not forget to peer into the architectural reproduction of the palace of Odysseus, an effigy of the majestic Mycenaean palace.

At the park of Stavros you will also find among the trees various toys for young children. Moreover, opposite from the park is situated the playground of the village.

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