Just before the last turn on the road from Rachi in Kioni of Ithaca to Mavronas, starts the short path for the beach of Plakoutses. Its beginning is hidden in the trees, so do not worry if you do not see it immediately! Proceed without hesitation, on the opposite side of the road. About 50 meters further down you will see the path that descends a short way to the sea of Plakoutses.

The name Plakoutses comes from the stones on the beach, which are large and flat, “plakoutses” as they say in Ithaca.

The beach has no organization and is ideal if you seek isolation and tranquility. The truth is that here you will not need your umbrella: olive trees and shrubs (“Pernar” as the locals say) literally come down to the sea. Even at noon, the biggest part of Plakoutses has shade.

If you choose to swim in Plakoutses in Kioni, its green, calm waters, pebbles, calmness and serenity will accompany you at any time of the day.

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