It is certain that whoever passes from Kourkoumelata, a village in the south of Kefalonia less impressed! The public spaces and public buildings are not like others that have met, show indeed be all very harmonious and in a stunning composition designed – something less rare for Greece.

In Kourkoumelata, however, happens just that. The occasion was the worst period in the history of Kefalonia, the earthquakes that devastated the island, in August 1953. Kourkoumelata had been flattened, not mourned but, at least, victims. From the village originates the family Vergotis, particularly affluent and which rushed to help. Initiated and funded project to the completely rebuild of the village of Kourkoumelata!

At that time, they had been built 55 houses in three different sizes, depending on your needs, based on specific standards but with a variety of projects. Spacious public areas, sports fields, playgrounds, libraries, park, and of course the square, with the huge palm trees. The spiritual – cultural center of Kourkoumelata that stands out: a neoclassical building that resembles a miniature of the Academy of Athens! And finally, the beautiful gardens, full of flowers and ornamental plants make the village even more impressive!

Kourkoumelata is essentially one of the sights on the island, a village – a model in which glad to walk – and to live!

Kourkoumelata is 9 km from Argostoli.

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