Agia Euphemia

St. Euphemia is one of the most beautiful coastal villages in Kefalonia.

It is 9 km from Sami, 34 km from the island’s capital Argostoli, and is the seat of the municipal unit of Pylaros in the municipality of Kefalonia. It has 432 inhabitants, according to the last census in 2011.

St. Euphemia (Agia Thymia call it the locals) is a picturesque harbor, a tourist mooring opposite of Ithaca. It has wide streets and many tourist facilities. Whatever you ask for, in your holidays, generously is offered in the region. The white church of St. Euphemia in the port, gave its name to the town. On 11th of July, each summer, on the day of celebration and stay in Saint Euphemia takes place a big festival with pilgrims and visitors from all over Kefalonia.

Archaeologists have found traces of ancient Roman villa and mosaics of Roman Period, certifying that St. Euphemia was fine for the power to land and sea in past periods.

The former Municipality of Pylaros in Kefalonia was based in St. Euphemia. It extends from the strait of Kefalonia with Ithaca, to the other side of the peninsula, which overlooks the Ionian Sea and includes the world famous beach of Myrtos. Very close to St. Euphemia also, the visitors can see if the Monastery to Themata, and the mountain of Agia Dynati, with the wind turbines adorning its top.



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