One of the smallest habitable villages of Kefalonia is Aleimmatas, owned by city resources section of Poros, the former municipality Eliou – Pronnon, in southeastern Kefalonia. It is built on the mountainside in the centre of the area about, at an altitude of 200 meters and in Kapodistrian division for the management of Greece belonged to the district Skala.

Skala is the main tourists part of southwest Kefalonia, with many tourist accommodations, from hotel units many stars and a large number of rooms, to smaller blocks of rooms to rent. The Skala beach stretches for about five kilometers is sandy and always crowded.

Nearer Skala, in Aleimmatas is the largest village Ratzakli, which is one of the villages in the hinterland of the province Eliou – Pronnon.

Aleimmatas, based on the etymology of the word, means:

• One who smears something

• Producer of butter

• Trader, adulterator butter

We conclude, therefore, that in the village Aleimmatas, least old, its residents were renowned for butter produced, which makes the whole area to get this name!

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