Skala Beach

From the longest beaches of Kefalonia, Skala beach stretches for more than five kilometers, in the homonymous village , southeast of the island. The distance from Argostoli  is 37 km and from Poros 12 km.

Skala beach is sandy, with thick, golden sand, and just at the end of the beach to the mainland, there are high, green pines – almost all along! The waters are clear and blue, as the beach is open to the sea, is ideal for swimming.

The homonymous coastal village  is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the island, with large hotels and numerous restaurants and cafes. Thus, Skala beach is crowded, as is preferred by the guests staying here, although its large length never gives the feeling of crowding.

On the beach, you can reach by car, if you’re coming from elsewhere, or by foot, if you are staying in the village. Parasols and sun beds are available extensively in the beach of Skala, but if you’re not a fan and you prefer your towel, then there is ample place for you!

Very close to the beach of Skala, there is the Roman Villa , one of the most important monuments of the Roman Era in Kefalonia.

The beach of Skala at a glance:

• Parasols

• Sun beds

• Cafes

• Beach Bar

• Access by car

• Sandy

• Great in extent

• Amount of accommodation near

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