The village Andriolata is located in southeastern Kefalonia, within the limits of the former municipality EleiouPronwn. It is built on the mountainside, at an altitude of 310 meters. Along with the neighboring settlement Slavata, but also the largest village Kapandriti, join the community Xenopoulos. Just 30 residents live even today in this mountain village of inland Kefalonia.

In Andriolata, there is one of the famous in Orthodox churches in the area, dedicated to St. John the Theologian. Celebrated every year on 26th of September, the Assumption of St. John, that is, the passage of the Apostle John, one of the most beloved disciples of Christ, to eternal life. The afternoon of the previous day, Andriolata is filled of believers as is celebrated here the Liturgy of Vespers, with solemn manner. Then, it is offered to pilgrims and visitors goat stew and plenty of local wine, with care of the villagers.

Near to Andriolata is located the village of Tzanata of Poros, but also the monastery Atros in the beach, one of the oldest monasteries of Kefalonia.



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