Kapandriti is one of the villages of Enos, in the southeast of Kefalonia. By 2010, is belonged to the Municipal District of Xenopoulos in the Municipality of Elios-pronoi, but then has been repealed and integrated into a single municipality of Kefalonia. In Kapandriti, you will walk in neat streets between whitewashed courtyards and manicured homes.

From Kapandriti, you will see admire the beautiful trees of Enos, which dominate in the landscape. Their leaves are dark green and make the mountain look like black – the Venetian conquerors of Kefalonia were named the Monte Nero, Black Mountain. From the square and the streets of the village, you will enjoy panoramic view of the entire region.

The festival of the Assumption in Kapandriti is known throughout Kefalonia. Everyone gives their best for the best results. Young and old gather in the village square, dance drink and make under  the sounds of traditional music of Kefalonia: Kapandriti becomes for an evening the center of the island.



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