Asterida is the most famous small island of Kefalonia and the story states it, since the time of the Odyssey. It is located in the channel between Kefalonia and Ithaca close to Fiskardo and administratively belongs to the municipal section of Erissos. It is called otherwise Daskaleio or Mathitario, while often is mentioned with the archaic name Asteris.

The scholars of Homer identify Asterida with the island, where they were hidden the Suitors as they were waiting Telemachus. The son of Odysseus had traveled to Pylos to learn from Nestor information, for the lack of his disappeared father. The Suitors have chosen Asterida to set up the ambush and kill Telemachus, the last hurdle but thought between them and the throne of Ithaca.

Asterida is about 500 meters from the coast of Kefalonia; the largest length is 100 meters and width 40. It has two reefs, south and north, which the locals call “Lenes”. The only building on the island is the church of St. Nicholas.

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