Castle of Assos

It was the Venetians conquerors of Kefalonia who decided that peninsula of Assos, this small piece of land in the sea , joined with the rest of the island only by a narrow strip of land only would be an ideal site to build a castle – fortress that will protected the island from any would-be attackers . The work began by thousands of local people in 1593 and was completed two years later. The designs of the Venetians for the creation of a large castletown were unsuccessful however, and between then and 1968 even the last resident left and the Castle of Assos remained as complementary to the external settlement.

The arched gate of the castle is saved till today and will impress you. The walls of the castle arriving around 3000 meters and are also saved. You can still see the residence of the Venetian ruler, barracks, which in the first half of the 20th century served as a prison and the only Orthodox church of the settlement, the Prophet Elias which was constructed in the 18th century in place of a smaller, very older temple.

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