Daccapo cafe bar

Daccapo café bar is located at the center of the town of Argostoli in Kefalonia. It is a place that catches the eye off the pass- byers due to its aesthetics. It has also become a meeting place for the locals.

You can visit Daccapo café bar any hour of the day, anytime of the year. Both its outer and inner space are wide enough to comfortably sit its customers. Depending on the weather and your mood, you can choose whether to sit outside or inside. The outer part of the coffee shop is painted in earthly tones and has comfortable and spacious tables to sit. In the inside the wood element is predominant, giving the space a classic and timeless feel.

In the morning you can enjoy one of the best coffee blends that Daccapo café bar has to offer. Alternatively you can choose from freshly made juices to sodas or other imaginative beverages. During lunchtime, you can enjoy one of their fresh snacks, such as sandwiches and salads. For those who have a sweet tooth, we recommend to try one of their delicious deserts. In the nighttime you can enjoy a relaxing glass of wine with your company. For the hardcore party animals you can stay till later and dance under the sound of great music till the early morning hours.

Daccapo café bar promises to offer high quality products and friendly service. Visit the café- bar any hour of the day and enjoy their warm hospitality.

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