Dafnoudi is from the beaches of Kefalonia, where to get you will need to walk a path, beautiful, surrounded by nature.

The beach Dafnoudi is located at the northern end of the island. The road starts from the village Antipata of Erissos, as you will arrive by car to a point. At the end of the asphalt, you will park and follow the path of about 600 meters, passing through the verdant cypress hill and leads to the sheltered harbor, where is located Dafnoudi.

The waters are calm, clear, crystal and blue; the sea sparkles under the sunlight and invites you to dive. Dafnoudi has large white pebbles and the shade of the trees will protect you from the heat of summer and the hot sun.

In Dafnoudi, is unlikely to encounter seals, as is a refuge for the monk seal monachus – monachus, which prefer the cave formed at the edge of the beach to rest or even give birth to their young.

As it is logic, it is rare to encounter crowds at Dafnoudi. Except from the fact that the access is not so simple, the beach is not known to many people. There has not also, any kind of organization, and so you should get here well prepared with the necessary supplies.

Dafnoudi at a glance:

• Pebble

• Deep Waters

• Secluded beach

• Access by car to a point and a short walking

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