Kefalonia – Beaches

Crystal clear waters, deep blue, blue-green, as they mirror the green nature… This is what you will find at whichever beach in Kefalonia you choose for your dives and to enjoy your swim! The more centrally located ones are organized with sun beds and parasols, but you will find numerous beaches, equally beautiful, without, however, the human intervention, such as Koutsoupia in eastern Kefalonia – to reach it you have to take the path Antisamos – Poros.

One of the most famous beaches in the world, Myrtos, is located on the west side of Kefalonia. It belongs to Pylaros and is very close to Assos. With many awards – and not without reason, as you will see for yourself just from gazing at it from above.

The ‘Hollywood’ Antisamos will also not leave you unsatisfied. The beach is wide and long, pebbly, with turquoise, deep waters. It became known worldwide, since here were filmed quite a few scenes for the movie “The Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” and it faces towards the channel with Ithaca  – across the sea, you can see the southern part of the adjacent island.

The uncanny Xi beach with the ruddy sand is located in Palliki. Here you will also find Petani, with its steep cliffs and spectacular sea and the beach Kounopetra to the south, with the unique phenomenon of the stone with the perpetual motion in the sea!

Makris and Platis Gialos gather the locals from Argostoli, under the sounds of the music from the beach bars, while the sandy beach of the cosmopolitan Skala, that stretches out for kilometers, hosts primarily the occupants of the large hotel complexes of the area.

  • Vrachinari beach

    Just 8 km from Lixouri Kefalonia you will find Vrachinari beach or Akrotiri, which is the natural extension of Vatsa beach.

  • Vatsa beach

    Vatsa beach is situated just 15 minutes south of Lixouri on the island of Kefalonia.

  • Ammidi Beach

  • Fteri Beach

  • Kimilia beach

    Kimilia beach is pebbly and located in the northwestern tip of Kefalonia.

  • Lefka Beach

  • Paradissi Beach

  • Vouti Beach

  • Egklina

  • Pessada Beach

  • Lourdas Beach

  • Paliolinos

  • Megali Petra

  • Avythos Beach

  • Megali Ammos

  • Spasmata

  • Foki

    Foki beach is at a short distance of Fiscardo and is an ideal destination for swimming in calm waters.

  • Fanari

    Fanari is the beach in front of the homonymous lighthouse of Argostoli in Kefalonia.

  • Tourkopodaro

    Tourkopodaro is sandy beach just outside of Argostoli, near to Makris and Platis Gialos.

  • Trapezaki

    The beach Trapezaki is near Moussata of southern Kefalonia and it is sandy and unorganized.

  • Porto Atheras

    Porto Atheras is the beach of the homonymous village in Palliki of Kefalonia.

  • Platis Gialos

    Platis Gialos is sandy, crowded beach just outside Argostoli of Kefalonia.

  • Platia Ammos

    Platia Ammos is one of the least known but most impressive beaches in Kefalonia.

  • Petani

    Petani is among the most popular beaches in the area of Lixouri, in Kefalonia.

  • Skala Beach

    Skala beach is sandy and in length exceeding five kilometers, giving visitors the option of organized or unorganized beach.

  • Poros Beach

    Poros beach stretches for two kilometers in front of the village and port of Kefalonia.

  • Paliouras

    The beach Paliouras is located in Sami of Kefalonia, before the famous beach Antisamos.

  • Xi

    The beach Xi is located in Palliki of Kefalonia and has ruddy sand, while is organized.

  • Myrtos

    The most famous beach on Kefalonia, Myrtos, is a beautiful natural landscape, mostly awarded and internationally photographed.

  • Minies

    The beaches in Minies are sandy, located in front of the homonymous village outside of Argostoli of Kefalonia.

  • Megas Lakos

    Megas Lakos is a natural continuation of the famous beach Xi, in the south of Palliki, in Kefalonia.

  • Makris Gialos

    Makris Gialos is the most famous beach on Kefalonia, located next to Argostoli and is sandy with shallow azure waters.

  • Maistrato

    Maistrato is the beach under the pine forest of Argostoli, next to the pier knotting cruise ships visiting Kefalonia.

  • Lagadakia

    Lagadakia is a pebbled beach on the shores of Palliki in Kefalonia.

  • Κλιματσιάς

  • Klimatsias

    The beach Klimatsias in Kefalonia is sandy and is located near the village Spartia.

  • Katelios

    The seaside village Katelios in southern Kefalonia, is called also Agia Varvara, is sandy and one of the most popular on the island.

  • Kaminia

    Kaminia is a sandy coast of southern Kefalonia and the place of reproduction of Caretta-caretta.

  • Κουτσουπιά

  • Koutsoupia

    Koutsoupia is located in eastern Kefalonia and it is one of the most beautiful beaches of not approaching car!

  • Kounopetra

    Kounopetra is located in the southern part of Kefalonia, next to the famous geological phenomenon and is sandy beach with red sand and clay.

  • Koroni

    The sand of Koroni in Kefalonia is located in the south of the island, near the village Thiramonas.

  • Kamaroules

    Kamaroules is cavernous formations on the coast of Lassi, in Argostoli of Kefalonia.

  • Emplisi

    Emplisi Beach is the most popular of Erissos and close to Fiskardo.

  • Dafnoudi

    Dafnoudi is pebbled beach in the north of Kefalonia, near the village Antipata of Erissos.

  • Γραδάκια

  • Gradakia

    Gradakia is a sandy beach in Argostoli of Kefalonia, next to Makrigialos.

  • Chorgota

    The beach Chorgota is located in Erissos of Kefalonia and starred in "Captain Corelli's Mandolin".

  • Antisamos

    Antisamos is a beach with pebble and turquoise waters near Sami of Kefalonia.

  • Ammes

    Ammes is located close to Livathos of Kefalonia, near Svoronata and it is sandy beach with shallow waters.

  • Alaties

    Alaties is a beach of Erissos in Kefalonia, rocky, with access by car.

  • Ai Helis

    Ai Helis is an organized, sandy beach in Livathos, in southern Kefalonia, ideal for lovers of the racket and young children.

  • Άγιος Θωμάς

  • Agios Thomas

    Agios Thomas is the sandy beach of the village Karavados, in Livathos of Kefalonia.

  • Agia Sophia

    The beach of Agia Sophia in Kefalonia has large white pebbles, natural shade by olive trees and is located in Komitata of Erissos.

  • Agia Paraskevi

    The beach of Agia Paraskevi is pebbled and is situated between Sami and St. Euphemia of Kefalonia.

  • Agia Kiriaki

    The beach of Agia Kiriaki is located on the border of Palliki with Argostoli, in Kefalonia, is sandy and relatively isolated.

  • Αγία Ιερουσαλήμ

  • Agia Ierousalim

    Agia Ierousalim is a pebbly beach of Erissos in Kefalonia, ideal for diving and with easy access by car.

  • Munda

    Munda is a beach in southern Kefalonia, from those which prefer the turtle Caretta-Caretta to lay its eggs.

  • Αράγια

  • Aragia

    The beach Aragia is located in Poros of Kefalonia and is considered the most beautiful beach in the area.

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