Damoulianata is a village on the western Kefalonia and is in the middle of the peninsula Palliki. It is built at an altitude of 365 meters, in the lush nature and is characterized as traditional settlement, as it is one of the few villages that are not flattened by the earthquakes of 1953. In Damoulianata, residing 135 residents.

The high stone houses of the village, except from the attractions themselves, “see” one of the most spectacular sunsets of Kefalonia, as the orientation of the village is western. In Damoulianata, you will see the impressive church of Our Lady, which celebrates the Assumption. It is estimated that it was built in the mid 19th century and has an ornate wooden temple, constructed by famous Spyros Antipas from Kefalonia. This is the father of leader of the agricultural movement, Marinos Antipas, the statue of whom, you can admire in the village Ferentinata of Pylaros.

The two old windmills are located on the highest point of the village, while slightly above current Damoulianata, there are still the remains of a medieval village. It is called Palaiohori and there you will see the foundations of the church of St. Catherine and the old cemetery.

From Damoulianata, you will reach covering a distance of five kilometers in Agia Eleni beach with amazing water and beautiful natural landscape.

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