Dellaportata of Palliki in Kefalonia is a small village, near Lixouri. Like all villages with the suffix “- ata” on the island, its name comes from its residents, who once had the surname Dellaportas in their majority. They are close to Monopolata and Vlichata, also villsges of Palliki and it does not have more than 20 residents.

In Dellaportata of Lixouri is the church of the Virgin of Krinos, or else Lady Delaportaitissa. It celebrates on 8th of September, the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and in this church, something special happens. Store here a flower, a lily, which is furled its petals and lilies until the beginning of Vespers of the celebration. Then “open” slowly and one by one and it is blooming until the next day, the church celebrates the church of Dellaportata. After the celebration the parish priest stores it in a special spot, until next year.

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