Farssa is a village belonging to the municipal section of Argostoli in Kefalonia and has 215 residents, according to the 2011 census. The modern village is built on the side of the Hali, the mountain of the region.

The earthquake of 1953 has destroyed the old Farssa, at a point that their people could not rebuild it. So today, the ruins of the old village stand next to modern homes of Farssa. They are one of the attractions of the area, and even crumbling, giving visitors the opportunity to understand the greatness of the past.

The establishment of the village Farssa lasts from the Venetian era in Kefalonia, and as a settlement first appears in the official Venetian documents in a tax table, in 1678.

Farssa is known for its maritime power, as a large proportion of the population of the village fled, from the British rule, to the sea to live. In the village there is ready Maritime Museum but it still works for formal reasons.

On 17th of September in 1943, Farssa is bombed by German airplanes during operations in Kefalonia, against the Italian Acqui Division who has refused to surrender voluntarily. The history has recorded the incidents of the era between the worst massacres of the Second World War.

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