It was the medieval capital of Kefalonia, on the Venetian occupation of the island. Castle was even built by the Venetians at Agios Georgios, exactly for this reason: to gain a fortified, safe from the pirate and military raids capital. The walls of Castle kept enemies away and his princes safe for about three centuries, as was constructed in the 16th and remained until 1757, when the capital was moved to Argostoli.

Today Castle, between the medieval buildings, has about 50 permanent residents. It belongs to the province of Livatho, covering the southern part of the island. The new houses have been harmonized with the landscape and they are still so tidy that make up a unique landscape: medieval ruins, walls, churches and even bridges with bright red roofs tiles and whitewashed courtyards…

In Castle, is operating one of the oldest churches in Kefalonia, Evangelistria in Castle, as it is called. It was built in 1580 and inside it are kept Byzantine icons of all the temples of Castle.

Near Castle is Peratata, the largest village in the area and the Monastery of St. Andrew Milapidias, historical monastery features and Ecclesiastical Museum.

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