Kourouklata is a beautiful village in the municipal unit of Argostoli in the municipality of Kefalonia. According to the 2011 census, it has 76 residents. The name comes from the Benedict Kouroukli, who came from the Ipiros and is listed as notary of the 17th century in Kefalonia.

Kourouklata is located northwest of Argostoli, near the village Farsa, of the same region. On the beach below Kourouklata, is located the cavernous church of St. Spyridon. The great village’s church is dedicated to Our Lady of the Resurrected, or Damaskini, as it is said otherwise. It celebrates on Tuesday of Diakainisimos (Easter Tuesday) and in Kefalonia is known as “Festival of Nias Tuesday” (“Festival of New Tuesday”). On that day, Kourouklata filled believers and visitors from all over Kefalonia, coming to the village for the festival.

In the church, there is the icon of the Virgin Damaskini that is said with a clear reference to St. John of Damascus, who lived in Syria at the time of Iconoclasm in Byzantium. The religious Orthodox tradition says the Virgin Damaskini was made by the same government, for this reason, for three hands, so is called also Tricherousa. According to the tradition, then, when John Damascene came into conflict with the authorities in Syria, Leo the Isauros ordered them to cut off his hand. After his prayers in this icon (currently at Mount Athos), the hand of Damascus stick again! Then he added a silver effigy of his hand, below the right hand of the Virgin Mary holding the Christ. The explanation for the name “Damaskini” in the Virgin of Kourkoulata, probably has to do that is the same style with the work of the Saint.



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