Our story begins…

The story of PREMIER starts in 1990. We created your own place with love and passion and by your own presence, you support our effort to always be at the forefront.

As then and now, we try to provide you the best quality by creating something innovative. We produce all our own vegetables in our farm with strict supervision and under conditions of organic farming according to the European Union’s rules.

We use carefully selected products of best quality for the preparation of our dishes. Fish and meats are fresh and we also use extra virgin olive oil and Cephalonian feta. The fluffy and warm bread is daily baked and prepared in our workshop.

Nature at your table…!

All fruits and vegetables grown with organic methods are products of high nutritional value! Besides the triplet Color – Aroma – Flavor that rightly characterize them, they also constitute a dietary “treasure” as they contain a small amount of water and a large amount of vitamins (vit C), minerals (ferrum, magnesium) and antioxidants (lycopene, polyphenols).

Dishes of sea sense and…more!

The high nutritional value of fish & seafood is known. Fish and seafood are an excellent source of animal protein, essential amino acids, vitamins A , B , D, calcium, phosphorus , magnesium and Omega 3 – fatty acids ! A “sea nutritional” wealth in your dishes, especially when they come directly from the sea on your table!

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