Soullaroi is a village in the south Palliki in Kefalonia and it is located 3 kilometers south of Lixouri. Approximately 300 residents live in the village, but it has tourist infrastructures to accommodate thousands of visitors, as there are around several hotels, smaller or larger. Soullaroi is very close to the beaches of Kefalonia with the distinctive red sand: Megas Lakkos is just one km, adjacent to Xi and is quite near the beach Lepeda.

The church of Agia Marina is the monument that will impress in Soullaroi: built in the 17th century in Baroque Ionian with relief figures of angels at the door step and with fitted coats. The woodcut iconostasis is masterful, while the painting of the church was considered a work of art. Agia Marina in Soullaroi is featured preserved monument.

In the famous Carnival of Lixouri, Soullaroi always take place and steal the impressions, as the residents of the small village know how to have fun and sarcasm for themselves!

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