Troianata is a village of Argostoli, is 6 km southeast of the capital of Kefalonia. It has about 100 permanent residents and is built at an altitude of 311 meters above sea level. The settlements Demoutsanata and Mitakata adjoining Troianata and essentially is a part of a larger village.

Trianata is built amphitheater surrounded by trees and cypresses. Roof tile red roofs and white house’s emerge through nature. Beautiful churches such as Agios Dimitrios and Panagia Antimyri, Stephana, as it is called in Kefalonia the Virgin Mary that is celebrated on 23th of August.

In Troianata, in Agia Paraskevi, in Kserizomeno, as it is called, takes place every year in August the “Festival of Moustaleuria”. Locals and many visitors from all over Kefalonia are gathered in the courtyard of the Church, flax and celebrate the grape and wine, the driving force of the region. Children from Troianata tread the grapes, make must and make delicious moustaleuries, called and moustopites to treat the people. Here’s festival with traditional music and ballo from Krfalonia till in the morning!



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