Valerianos is lowland village of southeastern Kefalonia, built at an altitude of 169 meters above sea level. It belongs to the province Elios – Proni, in Poros and has about 150 residents according to the data. Together with the neighboring smaller villages Atsoupades and Squares constituted the community of Valerianos.

Valerianos is the homeland from one of the largest and most important seafaring explorers of history. Apostle John Phocas, who was known by the name Valerianos proclaiming its origin, was born in Kefalonia, in 1536. Very young still, leave the island for the Spanish Court, where shortly afterwards became a navigator in the fleet of the West Indies and explore on behalf of Spain the western coast of North America for more than 40 years.

He became known as Juan de Fuca (Juan de Fuca) and his name was given to him, in the 18th century, in the Strait between Vancouver Island and the U.S. (Strait of Juan de Fuca), which leads to the port of Vancouver. However, the Spanish king did not fulfill its promises to Cephalonian navigator and Juan de Fuca came to his homeland, Valeriano, where he died shortly afterwards serene.

In Valeriano, takes place a festival on 29th of June, the day that celebrates the beautiful blue village’s church, dedicated to the memory of the Apostles Peter and Paul.

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