Atsoupades is a village of continental Kefalonia. It is built at the foot of Enos, the highest mountain of the Ionian Islands, which is covered with a beautiful dark fir, the fir of Kefalonia. Atsoupades is located on the southeastern side of the island, in the region covered by the municipal section of Poros, from the former municipality Elios – Pronoi.

Atsoupades has an altitude of 245 meters above sea level and is built into the green. The view from the village to the sea is vast and distinguished clearly most days of the year the mountains of Zakynthos. The beach Kateleios and Koroni are from the nearest in the village and there are accumulated more tourists.

Near the village of Atsoupades, there are settlements Squares and Valerianos, the largest village in the area, which was the center of local districts that constituted these three villages. Atsoupades, according to the 2011 census has 89 residents.



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