Beach Delphinia

The beach Delphinia is one of the famous beaches of Western Mani. It is located between Kardamyli  and Stoupa , a sheltered bay with clear turquoise waters that are calm because of its natural position. Olive, pine and cypress trees surround the beach Delphinia, where the mountain meets the sea with steep rocks and pebbles.

In the northern part of the bay of beach Delphinia there is the cave of Polyoras (where you can go swimming) that hides inside a smaller beach covered with sand, dense shade and stalactites!

On the Beach Delphinia, apart from swimming and sunbathing, you can enjoy water activities. In the small canteen on the beach, you can try fresh seafood and ouzo. Above the beach there is an organized camping site and access to the beach Delphinia is via dirt road. The car can reach 300 meters before the beach and then you can continue on foot.

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