Charokopio is a picturesque village in Messinia, near Koroni, from which is five kilometers away. It includes the settlements of Agios Isidoros, Potamia, Agia Triada, Armenious, Katiniades and Gargarou and it has around 900 inhabitants.

Charokopio is known for the clay jars, called “tzares”, which the inhabitants used to make until the 60s, having as a unique tool their hands. Today this art has disappeared. The village had been inhabited at all stages of history, as evidenced by the Mycenaean tombs, the archaeological findings and the famous Roman mosaics of the Villa in Ayia Triada. Around 1860 it was a thriving crossroads of Pylos Methoni – Koroni with crafts and trade, with the famous jars to have the primacy.

The closest beach to Charokopio is Gargarou, but it is very small. Within 2 kilometers is located the famous Peroulia beach, which is very long with fine and thick sand and very clear waters, and within 4 kilometers is located Zaga beach, which reaches the Castle of Koroni, with clear blue waters and sand.

For the origin of the name Charokopio there are two versions. One derives from the feasts organized ​​by the itinerant traders that were traveling to Koroni and the other one from the clay pottery manufactured in the area with the characteristic engravings.

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