Gargarou beach

Gargarou beach is a very small beach for special tastes and definitely not for those who prefer large and crowded beaches with sand. Gargarou beach is so narrow that you can hardly lie there. At its entrance, it is covered with special brown pebbles and as you move towards the top of the small bay lies in front of you a wonderful sandy beach. Its waters are “gurgling”, as its name, Gargarou beach, crystal clear and shallow, ideal for endless games for all ages.

At the entrance of Gargarou beach, there is an especially designed space with trees and stone benches, next to a well and a marble plaque that tells about Gargarou beach. Two taverns, one next to the beach and one on the hill above it will welcome the hungry ones. You can get to this particular beach after a 15-minute walk from Peroulia beach, or by car, from the road passing through the village of Charokopio.

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