Folklore Museum of Voufrada

The Folklore Museum of Voufrada is located in the village Milioti, 13 km away from Chora and 26 km away from Messini.

It is housed in the building of elementary school and the collections of the Folklore Museum of Voufrada include tools and household items used by residents more than 50 years ago, such as gramophones, telephones, musical instruments, flasks, mortars etc. These are items that served the basic life needs of people (food, housing, clothing) and items used in the frame of social and spiritual life.

In the Folklore Museum of Voufrada you will also see a traditional loom in which housewives were making their textiles and it is ready for use. There are also on display old books and many photographs of the villages of Messinia, illustrating aspects of everyday provincial and rural life of the past.

The Folklore Museum of Voufrada also includes traditional uniforms and costumes of the region, but also a characteristic arsenal with various weapons of the First and Second World War.

The visit to the Folklore Museum of Voufrada is only possible after communication with the Municipality of Messinia.

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