Gorge of Rintomo

Gorge of Rintomo starts from the ridges of Taygetos from Neraidovouna, at 2031 meters above sea level and ends at the coast of Santova in the Messinian Bay. The gorge is called gorge of Koskaraka on the sea side.

The gorge of Rintomo is rich in geomorphological elements formind a grand scenery. Throughout its length we observe many geological phenomena, such as the almost vertical slopes, hard rock folds and cracks.

The beautiful paths in Pigadia and Altomira are a natural passage through the Gorge of Rintomo and you can go there from Gaitses or Koskaraka (Koskarga) crossing the beautiful bridge on the old road Kalamata Kampos.

One of the attractions in the Gorge of Rintomo is the stone bridge in Pigadia. It has two arches, one above the other, uniting the banks of the gorge. The gorge at this point is narrow, as a towering gateway created by vertical cliffs.

The lovers of mountain and nature will be surprised by the beauty of the Gorge of Rintomo. The best time for crossing the gorge is late spring or early summer, when weather conditions facilitate the difficult route.

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