Kato Karveli

Kato Karveli is a village to the northeast of Kalamata and 10 km away from it. It is hidden behind a hill, like the villages Eleochori and Koutala in order to be invisible from the sea being protected from pirates of earlier years. It is located in western Taygetos. At the top of the hill above Kato Karveli, with view across the Messinian Bay and the Messinian valley, they have recently erected the church of Prophet Elias, where a great festival takes place on July 20th at the celebration of the Prophet Elias.

There are an old church and old mansions in Kato Karveli. The village has the historic church of Agios Sostis that is at the last point of the route where we can see Kalamata before we go to Taygetos.

The previous name of Kato Karveli was Chanakia. In the surrounding area you can still visit the village Karveli, the Byzantine Monastery of Sidiroporta and walk on marked trails through the nature but you should also enjoy the drive on route from Kalamata to Taygetos.

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