The village Karveli is located on the slopes of West Taygetos to the east of Kalamata at an altitude of 650 meters. It is 19 kilometers away from the capital of region. Its previous name was Koutzava Karveli.Taygetos extends to the east and the river Nedontas to the west. In a distance of 1.5 km away from Karveli, there is the famous Monastery of Sideroporta, which took its name from the iron door that its founder brought from Constantinople in the 16th century.

Just before the village Karveli there is a source at the side of the road. This marks the beginning of the trail that runs through a beautiful route and leads to the village Lada. After about 15 minutes from Karveli we are in a tall, stone arched bridge, which dates back to pre-Revolutionary times.

Kato Karveli is in a distance of 12 kilometers to the west of Karveli, with the hill of Prophet Elias, the old church and the old mansions.

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