Kazarma is a village belonging to the Municipality of Messini and is located in “heart” of Messinia. It is 31 km away from the city of Kalamata. About 80 residents live in Kazarma and are occupied with agricultural crops, as the surrounding area is famous for its excellent oil and delicious wine.

The name Kazarma comes from an old Venetian castle which stood on the area. You can also the waterfalls Polylimnio near the village and if you’re in the area you should visit them. There you will find a green paradise filled with small lakes and running water that falls from high.

The Gorge of Polylimnio is located about halfway between Messini – Pylos or Kalamata – Pylos. If you are in Kazarma, you have to follow the path to the village Charavgi and there are signs that will lead you to the parking area.

Kazarma is 20 km away from Messini and 21 km away from Pylos.

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