Mystraki is a small picturesque village in the northwest of Koroni in the hinterland of the Messinian land. It has a beautiful cobbled square and stone paths. The village had been deserted for many years, until 2000 when it was declared by the Ministry of Culture a traditional settlement of historical interest and as a traditional village it began to revive. In Mystraki you will see traditional stone houses of over a hundred years old that are made of local stone. They were built by Arcadian immigrants, shortly after the Greek Revolution. Today most of the houses have been restored and lodging places have started being created.

The name Mystraki is believed to be of Byzantine origin and means little Mystras. According to Byzantine texts of Mystras, Mystraki was important because of its location and vital for the control of the bay. In Mystraki spent much time Thomas Palaiologos, brother of Constantine Palaiologos the Byzantine Emperor. He stayed there until the fall of Constantinople in 1453, when he left for Italy.

Near Mystraki on the road to Chomatero is located the Monastery of Panagia Gravitsiani, built in the late 11th and early 12th century, but which currently has no monks.

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