Nea Koroni

Nea Koroni is a beautiful village in the region of Messinia and you will meet it immediately after Agios Andreas and Loga. It belongs to the municipality of Messini and is 44 km away from the city of Kalamata.

About 400 residents live in Nea Koroni and are primarily occupied with the cultivation of olive trees and that’s why the village is surrounded by lush olive groves. Nea Koroni is famous not only for the good oil, but also the street layout, since it was built according to a particular and very specific urban design.

In the big square of Nea Koroni the visitors find the central church, dedicated to the Birth of Virgin Mary.

Nea Koroni is located near the eastern coast of Messinian Peninsula, between Koroni and Petalidi.

According to scholars, ancient Polihni of Kolonides is located on a small hill outside Nea Koroni, having a new name, Stylianopoulo.

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