Pelekito is located on a plateau outside of the village Stamatino in Messinia, 25 kilometers away from Kalamata. Pelekito is so named from a tank (cistern), which has been carved into the rock. The tank has perfect spherical diameter of about 5.5 meters.

In Pelekito, due to the extremely cool and dry climate, during the summer months many families used to live in Stamatino and Arfara. There are currently around 15-20 beautiful houses with stone roofs overlooking the Messinian valley.

A beautiful stone church of Agios Ioannis Nιsteutis was erected in Pelekito. It is covered by old tiles. Internally the church has no roof, but is covered by a dome, which runs the length of the temple until the lower wall of the altar.

Every year on August 29th many people are gathered to Pelekito for the celebration of the saint. After the Holy Mass there is a feast on the square, where there are the three wells of Pelekito made by Theodoros Skoulikas, master builder in stone wells.

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