Piges of Taygetos which was called Mikri Anastasova until 1927, is a green village in Messinia with sources of fresh mountain water. It is built at an altitude of 760 meters and three kilometers away from Artemisia and two kilometers away from Alagonia.

One kilometer away from Piges we find Kerasoula where facilities of sporting and cultural events have been constructed. The village also organizes the Music Gathering of Taygetos with concerts by famous artists, Dimakeia nad sports games, especially for the residents of the surrounding areas.

In the village, we can also visit the old monastery of Agioi Apostoloi belonged to the monastery of Mardaki and the church of Saint Barbara presenting significant icon art. The villages of western Taygetos, which are built in a lush landscape with lots of running water, are ideal for alternative walks all year round offering a stunning scenery and several infrastructures. Piges is 27 km away from the capital of the Prefecture, located in the middle of the road that connects Kalamata with Sparti.

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