Railway station of Kalamata

The building of the railway station of Kalamata , on the corner of Railway Station and Franzi streets, is an example of industrial architecture that combines simplicity with remarkable architectural elements. It has the typical form of railway stations in Peloponnese, which resemble to small houses and many of which are heritage monuments.

The building of the railway station of Kalamata is built all of stone and has a wooden roof and is coated by tiles. The main architectural and morphological features of the building are: the door and windows of red brick, arched windows, large wooden doors and decorative band around the building. The middle section of the Railway Station of Kalamata has two floors, while it only has one floor on the ground to the east and west along the major axis .

Trains do not go the Railway Station of Kalamata, but you can see the unique outdoor railway park in a 5 minute drive from the central square of Kalamata following Aristomenous street towards the port.

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