Tower Goudeli

The Tower that consists of three floors is situated at the village Kariovouni in western Mani. The village is also called “Arachova of Mani” and it is located at a short distance from the village Kastanies, where we find the imposing Dourakis Tower that has five floors and that has been classified as a historic monument with a protection zone of 15 meters around it.

Goudelis Tower has a square plan and the walls are made ​​of semi-carved stones with traces of coating and their outer side as well.

The windows of Goudelis Tower are arched with frameworks made of porous stones and they also have arches with ceramic tape. The surface of the Tower has numerous holes that are easily visible. Those holes were used by the tenants in order to fight any potential enemies with their weapons.

All these elements (architecture, masonry, further architectural elements) lead researches to the conclusion that the construction of Goudelis Tower belongs to the 18th century.

The Towers in Mani, including Goudelis Tower, are a unique category of architectural projects in Greece. With their simple and rigorous architecture, constructed entirely of the abundant material that the area and its land produce, the stone is in perfect harmony with the rest of the landscape.

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