The Tower of Kapetanakides at Mills

In the area of Mikri Mantinea, east of the Messenian Bay, dominates the Tower of Kapetanakides at Mills.

It is a Tower that has four floors and its shape is square, with 20 m height. It has been declared as a historic monument.

Miloi (meaning Mills in Greek) belonged to the family of Kapetanakides, a large family that played an important role during the period before the Revolution of 1821, during the National Battle and after the Liberation.

The power of the water that stems from a rizovouni, a few dozen meters away from the sea, can make the Mils turn. Today, above the Mills the Tower of Kapetanakides is still preserved. Some researchers support that the Tower of Kapetanakides at Mills was built in the middle Ages, but the most likely scenario is that it was much later constructed.

The other important and much more imposing tower of Kapetanakides that you should definitely visit is built on the hill Petrovouni, near the village Sotirianika and is also preserved in very good condition.

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