Tower of Mavrikos

At the settlement of Malta, at Stavropigio, in West Mani, there is the Tower of Mavrikos that has been characterized as a historic monument by the Ministry of Culture.

It is estimated that the Tower of Mavrikos was built in 1814 and that it was named after the primate of Malta, Poulos Mavrikos. It now stands derelict, just outside Maltsa, while in the east, within a walking distance from the Tower, there is a picturesque chapel, dedicated to St. George.

The Tower of Mavrikos is almost 10 feet tall, with three floors. It is oblong, with the entrance on the first floor of the south side. A wooden bridge was allowing access to the Tower, but only to those who were welcome in the Tower. At the same time, the bridge could also be used for the best sealing of the entrance.

Malta is a village in Mani and, today, one of the largest settlements of Stavropigio, near Kampos Avias. Presumably took its name from all those locals that returned to Mani after having left for years to Corsica and Italy.

Within a walking distance from the Tower of Mavrikos, a similar building dominates, the Tower of Koutifari – Aloupidon.

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