Trachila is ​​the traditional beautiful fishing village of Western Mani, 55 km to the southeast of Kalamata and it owes its archaic name to the shape of the cape next to it.

Trachila was firstly mentioned in the early 18th century in a document relating to people from Mani who embarked from there to Corsica, but it was developed mainly since the 19th century. Then it was a seaport of Lagada, for a marine transportation and transshipment base of the mountainous villages.

The path that goes from the village to Thalames and Lagada was in use until the construction of the main road in the early 1970s. The path leading in an amazing little beach starts in a turn before you enter the village. Along the coastal road that connects Trachila with the small picturesque port and beach of Agios Dimitrios (6 km to the southwest) there are amazing untouched beaches with rocks and clear water, while moving to Agios Nikolaos, there is one of the most beautiful coasts of area,the beach of Pantazis with gray sand, trees and gorgeous turquoise waters.

One of the most impressive attractions is the cave Katafygi. Apart from the natural attractions of the region, in Trachila you will also find interesting examples of folk architecture from the 19th century such as the historical preservable building of K.Meleas, and the building of the old school, restored by an active cultural and educational association of the village.

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