Vromovrysi is a hilly village in Messinia , 22 km to the north of Kalamata. The inhabitants come from the old village Vromovrysi ( today Ano Vromovrysi) that was built at higher altitude.

The “gem” of Vromovrysi is the vaulted church of Agios Nicolas, a great creation of Byzantine style built in 1845. It has been built in the same place of an earlier small temple and next to it there is still the cell used by people from Vromovrysi as a school during the difficult years of emigration of residents in current position.

Agios Charalampos of Vromovrysi is located in the deserted settlement Makraiika, “climbed” high on the mountainside and has dimensions 9×4, 50 m. Today it has the same form as it was firstly built in 1835. On top of Mountain Gouvalis and to the east of the border of municipality of Ichalia there is Neraidokipos, an area where according to legend there are fairies. It is actually a ditch of 70-80 meters of outstanding natural beauty.

On the borders between Vromovrysi and the village Stamatino  we find the church of Agios Georgios Chozevitis on the location Troupa.

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