Ancient Fortress of Lilaia

The ruins of the ancient fortress of Lilaia are identified in Paleocastro, at the foot of Mount Parnassus; very close the present village, which is known by the name Katw Agoriani.

The ancient Lilaia was one of the Greek towns of the Central Greece that flourished in ancient times and it was one of the cities – member of Dorian Tetrapolis of Phocis. The ancient fortress of Lilaia survives today satisfactorily and the visitors can see the walls and towers that made it ​​up.

The ancient fortress of Lilaia indicates a strong city, which flourished during the archaic and classical age, while has completely destroyed by the Macedonian king Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, in 325 BC.

The town’s market, the theater, the baths, the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Artemis, which hosted everyone a standing statue of the corresponding god of Pentelic marble, enclosed from the walls of the ancient fortress of Lilaia. As can be seen even today, it is consisted of high walls with rectangular towers.

Later, during the Byzantine period, the material of the ancient fortress of Lilaia used to build Christian churches in the surrounding area.

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