Ancient Monuments of Galaxidi

The ancient monuments of Galaxidi certify the long history of maritime state of the Central Greece. In Galaxidi of nowadays is placed the ancient city of Ozolon Lokron Chalaion, which flourished in the 8th century BC. Two bronze inscriptions of the 5th century were found in 1848 and now they are on display at the British Museum confirming the importance of the city, whose inhabitants were mostly merchants and sailors.

In many parts of the modern city there are ancient monuments of Galaxidi: portions of the ancient wall (calculated in the 4th century BC), as for example, near the beach and at the foot of the hill of Agios Nikolaos. When the waterfront of Galaxidi is constructed, around of 1830, ancient boulders of the wall were the base and they are visible till today. At the edge of the wall on the beach has been discovered the “Tomb of the King Lokros”, one of the most important ancient monuments of Galaxidi, which is used as catacomb in the early Christian times.

In the ancient monuments of Galaxidi, are integrated those of the wider region, Kalafati , in Penteoria and in the hill of the Agia Triada:

• Two kilometers outside of Galaxidi, in Kalafatis, you will see the ruins of walls and vaulted tombs of the classical period.

• In Penteoria, are discovered parts of palace, mainly mosaics called “King’s palace”.

• On the hill of Agia Triada, near to the Monastery of Swtiros, you can see the Turkish aqueduct of Galaxidi, work by Izair – Bey during the 15th century.

The set of ancient monuments in Galaxidi is available places if citizens want to visit them.

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