In Arvanitorachi was written one of the most glorious pages of the Greek Revolution of 1821 and simultaneously one of the most important for the evolution of the battle.

On the slopes of Gkiona, at the point of Aravanitorachi, located just outside of the village Panourgias (then called Dremissa or Ntremissa), took place on 17 May 1821 the great battle of the Greeks thieves’ guerillas from Roumeli with Turkish troops commanded by Omer Vryonis.

The Turks had just gone through Hani of Gravia and crossed Phocis to reach Salona (the current Amfissa). About 700 Greek guerrillas were gathered in Arvanitorachi under the guidance of John Gkouras and managed to intercept the army of 3,000 Turks of Omer Vryonis. The Turkish army was heading towards Peloponnese, to hit the rebellious, that there were making significant successes.

The victory of the Greeks in Arvanitorachi has boosted the morale of the insurgents and marked the beginning for many more decisive, victorious battles that followed during the Revolution.

Today, the battle of the Dremissas in Arvanitorachi is honored as a Local National Day every year on 17 May.

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